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Neuropsychological Testing and Clinical Psychological Testing

Neuropsychological Testing and Clinical Psychological Testing

We frequently get referrals for Neuropsychological Testing that are appropriate for a Clinical Psychologist. What’s the difference? In short, Clinical Psychological Testing tends to be more limited in scope, briefer and focused on a question related to clinical intervention. Neuropsychologists are specialists that focus on the relationship between the brain and behavior, and train in tests that help assess the functioning of various parts of the brain. Clinical Psychologists are also specialists in testing, and are trained in their doctoral programs to conduct tests used to identify academic, clinical and psychological symptoms.

Which type of testing is right for my referral?

There is a lot of overlap between these two types of psychological testing. If you are testing for a specific diagnosis, treatment recommendation or to assist in medication decisions, a Clinical Psychologist and a Neuropsychologist can both address those issues. If you are interested in a specific deficit as it relates to the anatomy of the brain, a Neuropsychologist may be the best option. Given the amount of overlap between the two, we routinely help patients and providers decide between the two.

How does the LodeStone Center handle testing referrals?

We have several Clinical Psychologists on staff that specialize in psychological testing, and have advanced training in a variety of specialized clinical diagnostic areas. When we’re confident that we can address the referral issue, a clinical intake is scheduled to gather a medical history and formulate a plan for the testing process. In the event that a case can be better addressed by a Neuropsychologist, we maintain close relationships with some of the best specialists in the Chicao area. We’ll help connect you with the best fit to help address your needs.

What kinds of issues do you provide testing for?

We provide diagnostic testing for a wide range of issues. Sometimes we are testing to confirm or rule out a specific diagnostic issue, and sometimes we are testing a broad range of traits to assist with treatment planning. Some common referral questions we are asked to assist with are:

  • Testing for psychotherapy treatment planning
  • Medication related treatment planning / Psychiatric consultation
  • ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Intelligence Testing
  • Personality Testing
  • Giftedness Testing
  • Academic Testing / Learning Disability
  • Pre-Surgical Psychological Testing
  • Confirmation of Psychological Diagnosis

Regardless of the referral question, we can help guide you to the right professional. If that’s with The LodeStone Center, we will help guide you through the scheduling process. If we feel you can be served best by one of our affiliate agencies, we will help connect you with the right fit. If you’re looking to schedule or for guidance, please feel free to get in touch with us today!