Are you looking for Anxiety Therapy?

Anxiety counseling is a specialty of several clinicians at LodeStone Center for Behavioral Heatlh. Quality therapy for anxiety is an important part of recovery. We are an outpatient facility with 5 therapists to choose from, depending on your needs and scheduling availability. If you think you or a loved one may suffer from anxiety, and you have questions, you can view our informational page on anxiety therapy here. Getting anxiety help is a phone call away, and therapy can help get you back on track.

LodeStone Center for Behavioral Health is located in McHenry, Illinois, just across from Centegra Hospital on Highway 31. We are situated on Mercy Drive, which is just south of Bull Valley Road. You can view a map to our offices here.

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Therapy for Anxiety in Ingleside

Anxiety Therapy in Ingleside

Ingleside Anxiety Help

Anxiety Counseling in Ingleside


Affordable Anxiety Counseling Ingleside

LodeStone Center for Behavioral Health strives to make therapy accessible. We accept many insurance policies and are continually expanding our network to provide affordable counseling for everyone. Therapy for anxiety is often covered by health insurance plans. To have one of our billing specialists look into your health insurance plan,find out how we can help today.