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Giftedness Testing is conducted when a child is suspected of having superior abilities with regards to intelligence, learning or another area of functioning such as creativity. Gifted children benefit from specialized learning environments and programs that are tailored to gifted children. Giftedness testing can help determine which of these programs would be most appropriate for a child based upon their unique strengths and possible weaknesses. While certain things may come easy for a gifted child, they often struggle in other areas as their social and emotional development is frequently stunted. LodeStone Center for Behavioral Health can provide giftedness testing, and help suggest what special needs may require attention from parents and educators based on the testing outcome. Dr. Michelle Bidwell conducts our gifted testing, and has unique clinical experience working with and assessing gifted children. You can read more about this specialized service on our Gifted Test Page here.

LodeStone Center for Behavioral Health is located just a short thirty minute drive north of Garden Prairie, in the city of McHenry, IL. We are situated on Mercy Drive, which is just south of Bull Valley Road off of Hwy 31. You can view a map to our offices here.

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As most insurance companies do not cover giftedness testing, we strive to offer competitive pricing and a variety of payment options. If you have questions regarding the cost of this service, and the process involved, fill out our contact form and find out how we can help today. Dr. Michelle Bidwell will be in contact with you in order to answer any questions that she has.