Careers with The LodeStone Center

The LodeStone Center for Behavioral Health is a large outpatient group practice focused on our vibrant therapist community, and the care of our patients. Our group is comprised of Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, and Clinical Professional Counselors. We have a clinician-centric model of leadership, prioritizing clinician well-being and work/life balance as a primary organizational goal. Our practice is built to serve clinicians that are seeking a community to belong to, opportunities for professional growth and a rewarding professional career tailored to your clinical interests.

Meet Our Leadership Team:

Jeremy Bidwell, Ph.D. – Executive Director
Erica Drzonek-Edwards, Psy.D. – Director of Clinical Services, Hinsdale Office
Michelle Bidwell, Psy.D. – Director of Clinical Services, Woodstock Office
Julie Peterson, Psy.D. – Director of Psychological Assessment



Spring 2023: Full Time Psychologist, LCSW or LCPC, Hinsdale (Open Position)

Spring 2023: Full Time Clinical Psychologist (Testing & Psychotherapy), Woodstock (Open Position)

Why Work for a Large Group?

Clinicians are drawn to group practices for the community, the flexibility and the ability to have greater control over prioritizing career goals and family life depending on your own needs. A group practice also provides personal and professional connections alongside the safety and security of the many years of experience behind the business. We are able to achieve a level of professional diversity and stability that can take decades as a solo practitioner. At the same time, our clinicians maintain the autonomy and control over their careers and schedule that a salaried position in a hospital system cannot. If you don’t enjoy the business aspects or private practice, but want more flexibility and professional freedom than at a large institution, our group is a wonderful option to consider. If you have questions, or would like to apply, don’t hesitate to reach out to our leadership team at

Administrative / Front Office Positions

The LodeStone Center currently employs an administrative team of six support staff across our five office locations. Our needs are often shifting, and we keep applications on file. We’re always happy to receive applications for work in specific offices, and periodically post positions as needed. If you’d like us to keep your resume on file, forward a copy to



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