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Behavioral Therapy

Behavior Therapy (or Behavioral Therapy) refers to a specific type of intervention that assesses the impact of our routine behaviors on our emotional functioning, and helps us to modify them as a means of improving our symptoms, mental disorders, or relationships. When working with children, Behavior Therapy teaches parents to change problematic behaviors through research-proven reward systems and replace them with good behaviors. This type of therapy is the primary treatment approach at The LodeStone Center, and the basis for the word “Behavior” in our Clinic’s name.

Behavior Therapy is often combined with a therapy called Cognitive Therapy that focuses on how our beliefs, thought patterns and the things we tell ourselves internally shape our emotions and actions. When you combine the two therapy approaches, they are referred to as “Cognitive Behavior Therapy” or CBT.

Behavioral Counseling

At The LodeStone Center, cognitive behavior therapy is the backbone of our entire clinic-wide approach to treating mental illness, relationship distress and behavior-based problems. Our primary approach when working with parents and children is behavior therapy. Our primary approach when working with adults and couples is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. The therapists at The LodeStone Center are trained in multiple other styles of therapy as well, but CBT will remain our roots, as it is the most scientifically researched and supported tool for the problems we work with the most.

Behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy have been shown in many, many research studies to be the most effective interventions for a wide range of problems. Behavior therapists tend to be focused on the practical changes that reduce the most amount of distress in the shortest period of time. At The LodeStone Center, this tends to summarize the approach of our counselors. We try to help with the things that reduce distress initially, then shift to the problems that will have a long-term benefit.

Behavioral Counselor

If you have questions regarding behavior therapy, or how CBT can be used to address the specific problems faced by your or your child, contact one of our counselors for a consultation today.

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