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Counseling for Children

Counseling for Children

At the LodeStone Center, we have a number of therapists that specialize in counseling children in both an individual and family settings, using a variety of techniques. Therapy for children involves a range of techniques from play to talk to formal psychological evaluation. Our goal is to match you with a counselor that will best meet your needs and provide your child with the absolute best care and results. Helping children overcome problematic behaviors can be challenging for every parent, but finding the right help shouldn’t be. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, click here, or call us directly at 847-802-4058.

What Happens in Counseling for Children?

It depends on the goals, and the age of the child. With young children, therapy often focuses on helping the child express their emotional difficulty so that it can be addressed, or shaping problematic behaviors into more helpful behaviors. Both of these goals involve specialized techniques that are designed to encourage children to talk about the difficulties they have, or to teach parents new tools for setting and maintaining behavioral boundaries, and rewarding positive behavior in a way that changes the behavior in a supportive, effective, and long-term manner while building self-esteem.


Some common issues we address with children:

Play Therapy as a Part of Therapy for Children:

Play Therapy is a set of techniques used by trained child therapy specialists to allow them to work within the normal communication and learning styles of children. Children often lack the verbal language to adequately express the emotions they experience or to process the difficult things they are going through. Therapy for children often includes techniques tailored to help children work through problems using various forms of play activities (such as puppets, painting and re-creating stories through clay or sand-tray use). A child counselor that has been specifically trained in the use of play therapy can help a troubled child learn to communicate with others, express feelings, work through troubling experiences and learn coping skills to help reduce distress.

How do I find out if therapy can help with my child?

Speaking with one of our child counselors can give you a sense of how therapy can benefit your child. We would also be happy to help you look into your health insurance benefits, or with any other concern you might have. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, click here, or call us directly at 847-802-4058.