Counseling River North
Counseling, which is often referred to as “talk therapy” is used to treat a wide range of issues related to mental health, relationships and general health concerns. Counseling comes in a variety of forms, some of which are very practical and short-term, and some of which look at deeper issues over a longer period of time. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, for instance, is a type of counseling that helps modify behaviors and thought patterns to improve symptoms of depression, anxiety (stress) as well as a host of other problems. Counseling is frequently used in conjunction with medication when treating mental health problems, and is one of the most effective interventions for many mental health problems.

LodeStone Center for Behavioral Health provides counseling in Chicago in addition to our location in Northwest McHenry. Our downtown office provides a convenient location for people looking for counseling in Chicago and the surrounding communities. We are located on Erie Street, just off of Michigan Avenue. If you’re looking for counseling in Chicago, find out how we can help today!

Summary of Services

  • River North Counseling
  • River North Therapy
  • Psychotherapy River North
  • Individual Counseling River North
  • Child Counseling River North
  • Child Therapy River North

Affordable Counseling River North

Most major insurance plans cover counseling services to treat mental health concerns. Our friendly and caring staff can help look into your insurance benefits and explain how they apply to counseling services. If you are seeking counseling in Chicago and have questions, fill out our contact form and include the listed information about your insurance. We will work with your insurance carrier to check your benefits, and call to explain what is covered.

Our Mission for River North

Whether you have been through counseling before, or if this is your first time, we are here to help. If we’re not the best place to meet your needs, we’ll help you find that place. The first step in recovery is to reach our for help, and we’re here when you are ready!