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Getting Started With Counseling

Starting therapy with a new person can be a stressful process, and we want to make that as easy as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call. We’ll take your contact information, and you can set up an initial appointment. If you have health insurance, we can help find out what your mental health benefits are.

What To Expect

Your initial session will consist of a one hour interview meant to give your counselor / therapist a broad overview of the difficulties you are having, and feedback on how therapy may benefit you. We want you to walk away with a clear understanding of how we can help, and if any additional services are needed that we don’t provide, we can help recommend where to find them.

If you would like to come speak with a counselor beforehand to find out if therapy is right for you, we would be happy to do so free of charge. Simply call and request an initial consultation in-person or by phone.

What Counseling Provides

The LodeStone Center is an outpatient counseling center. We provide counseling (also called therapy, psychotherapy or “talk therapy”). Counselors meet with you on a weekly basis for an hour to identify ways to improve the problems that are causing you to seek help. Sometimes this involves working with multiple family members, such as when we provide child therapy, marital therapy or parent training for child behavior problems. We work with multiple major insurance plans, and will be happy to check your insurance benefits for you, and work with your insurance company to have your services covered.

Care for adults, children, and families.