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Girls Art Group

What is the Girls Art Group?

The Girls Art Group is a middle school aged girls group that addresses the stressors girls face today. This is a 10 week therapeutic art group designed to nurture, inspire and connect middle school aged girls.

What Topics will be Covered in the Girls Art Group?

In this group the girls work to develop the ability to express and manage their emotions. Group members will be given opportunity to explore personal values. The Group will discuss how to address peer bullying.  Group members will work to set health boundaries with family and friends.  Additional topics may include navigation of social media, school and friendships while maintaining your sense of yourself.

Who Will Facilitate the Girls Art Group?

The Girls Art Group will be facilitated by Nicole Boehne, LCPC, ATR. Nicole is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist with over 15 years of experience working with teens and families.

What is the Benefit of Attending the Girls Art Group?

Therapeutic groups like the Girls Art Group can help people who share a common experience feel less isolated. Attending a therapeutic group can help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. This group will incorporate art media that will foster self expression and peer connection.  A girls group can be a great resource for girls to problem solve with peers in a safe environment. It’s also a great place for girls to develop new peer relationships outside of school.

How to I Join the Girls Art Group?

Learn more about the Girls Art Group contact Nicole Boehne, LCPC, ATR, at 847-802-4058 x22