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Healthy Lifestyle Development

Hiker with backpack sitting on top of a mountain and enjoying sunrise

Making lasting changes towards a healthy lifestyle is difficult, and can take persistence, support and encouragement. Many people feel that they simply lack motivation to get themselves healthy and feel frustrated when they aren’t achieving their goals. We’re here to help! Change is a process, and it is different for everyone. We can help you identify a plan and keep you communicating about that plan over time helping you with consistency.

The LodeStone Center brings a unique team of professionals to the table. We know that health, nutrition and stress are intertwined and have provided a program to support you in achieving and maintaining your goals by focusing on the whole picture of your health. Our practice combines the input of a Registered Dietitian and a Clinical Psychologist to help you achieve a healthy long-term plan for a healthy lifestyle.

If you think you have any questions or concerns regarding healthy lifestyle development, please don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our psychologists or our registered dietitian. We are happy to answer questions, help look into your insurance benefits or explain how counseling might be beneficial to you. If you have questions, and would like to speak to one of our mental health professionals, contact us today.

Care for adults, children, and families.