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Maternal Wellness

At The LodeStone Center our clinicians provide pre and postnatal counseling and therapy services to women and their partners or families. We offer a wide variety of wellness services as well as counseling services to address not only the issues that may come up pre and post birth but also maintaining general health and wellness. Managing stress and mood is an important aspect for encouraging the health of mom, baby and the family that supports them. If you would like more information, or would like to request a first visit with a therapist, you can either fill out the contact form on this page and we will get in touch with you or you can also call us directly at 847-802-4058.

Pre and Postnatal Wellness

Pregnancy, delivery and the months following the birth of a child bring about significant change for a woman and her family. It can become difficult to manage your own physical and emotional wellness during the process, and sometimes counseling services can help make that a priority. Moodiness and detachment are changes not often expected when planning for a baby. Infertility or loss can be difficult to process, can result in relational difficulties and impact sense of self and mood. Feelings of stress, anxiety, depression or irritable mood are typical yet can be a struggle to manage. Occasionally more symptoms that were previously present arise or become worse or symptoms that were not present prior to pregnancy or birth of a child appear. After birth, many parts of not only the mother but the family’s lives change and this can be difficult to cope with, even when excited about the change. Post-partum depression is also a potentially difficult and unexpected challenge after birth that can occur. Consider counseling during and following pregnancy to encourage healthy family dynamics and let this time be a time for growth and peace in your life.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding pre and postnatal wellness, please don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our therapists. We are happy to answer questions, help look into your insurance benefits or explain how counseling might be beneficial to you. If you have questions, and would like to speak to one of our mental health professionals, contact us today.