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Intuitive Eating for Children

Intuitive Eating for Children

The LodeStone Center provides nutrition counseling as part of our wellness services. We have a registered dietitian who you can schedule appointments with either stand alone, or along with one of our mental health clinicians. If you would like more information, or would like to request a first visit, you can either fill out the contact form on this page and we will get in touch with you or you can also call us directly at 847-802-4058.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is an technique that teaches individuals how to create a healthy relationship with their food, mind, and body. The goal is to become the expert of your own body through one’s internal cues. In order to do so, a person learns how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings, and gain a sense of body wisdom. It’s also a process of making peace with food by working to eliminate constant “food worry” thoughts. Lastly, it is focused on understanding that health and self ­worth as a person do not change, because of the type of food eaten.

The underlying premise of Intuitive Eating is that you will learn to respond to your inner body cues, because you were born with all the wisdom you need for eating intuitively. On the surface, this may sound simplistic, but it is rather complex.  This inner wisdom is often clouded by years of dieting and food myths within our culture.  One common example to explain how difficult this concept can be is the notion that we all “eat when we’re hungry and stop when we’re full.” This may sound like common sense, but when someone has a history of chronic dieting, disordered eating patterns, or of following rigid “healthy” rules about eating, it can be quite difficult. According to research published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, people who are eat intuitively do better nutritionally, have healthier body weights, have higher HDLs, and have lower triglycerides and blood pressures. Remarkably, they are also healthier emotionally and socially; they feel more effective, are more self­ aware and are more trusting and comfortable both with themselves and with other people.

Intuitive Eating for Children:

Early childhood is the ideal time to provide support for a positive relationship with food through familial and parental influences.  The ability to self­ regulate intake is born with each child, but is influenced through family and societal pressures.  Throughout childhood the behaviors formed may become permanent staples throughout adulthood. Those around children may reinforce certain behaviors as a result of perceived problems, such as pickiness and weight.  In turn, they may be pressured to eat certain foods, or to eat more or less of specific types of foods. Poor feeding practices can lead to serious conditions such as eating disorder, anemia, dental caries, and non-organic failure to thrive.  Most importantly, by helping a child develop a healthy relationship with food, it is setting them up for the greatest success in implementing intuitive eating as an adult.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Intuitive Eating for children, please don’t hesitate to call and speak with us. We are happy to answer questions, help look into your insurance benefits or explain how counseling might be beneficial to you. If you have questions, and would like to speak to one of our professionals, contact us today.