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Rates & Billing

Billing Service:
Questions about your bill and/or insurance are best directed to our billing department at 1-779-704-2001. Representatives are available during business hours Monday through Friday. The billing department is closed on major holidays. Calls are typically returned within 2-business days.

We make every effort to keep our fees reasonable to ensure that our services are accessible to clients. Therefore, our current fees reflect the mid-range of fees typically charged within the profession for diagnostic, therapeutic, consultative, and related services. More information about fees will become available as you move through our intake process.

Payments and Bills:
We appreciate payment in full (of your co-payment or designated session fee) at the time of each visit. Please note that any amount due that is not paid by insurance is your financial responsibility. Your payment may be made by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. Credit card payments require a signed authorization and can be made in person or via phone. Cash and personal check payments are accepted in the office or by mail. For your convenience, a monthly billing statement reflecting receipt of payments and the current balance of your account will be mailed to you. If there is a financial agreement between parents and/or if you are involved in financial negotiations as the result of a separation or divorce, that is your private business. We are not responsible for maintaining financial arrangements made between parents, under any circumstances. In these and in all cases, we require that the responsible party or parties provide written authorization indicating full responsibility for payment. All billing will be sent to the person(s) authorized as responsible for this account. All account inquiries should be directed to billing department at 1-779-704-2001.

We request all clients to keep an active credit card on file for billing purposes. Please comply with this policy change by filling out a credit card authorization form, and submitting it to your therapist, or to the Administrative Office Coordinator in our Hinsdale office. Printable Credit Card Form

Insurance Coverage:
Our practice is part of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BC/BS) PPO Network. Our contract with BC/BS PPO usually ensures some payment for services rendered. However, as with all insurance coverage, payments are made by BC/BS with consideration of your contract deductible and co-payment responsibilities. As part of our contract with BC/BS PPO, we agree to accept payments based on the fees BC/BS determines as “allowable,” (this rate is sometimes referred to as “usual and customary”). The terms of our contract often reduce the financial responsibility of our clients. However, our agreement with BC/BS PPO rarely eliminates the client’s financial responsibility altogether. Due to the differences in coverage from plan to plan, we recommend that you call your insurance carrier to verify your deductible and co-payment responsibilities as well as the portion /percentage of our fees covered by your specific plan.

If you have a health insurance plan other than BC/BS, it is possible that our services will be covered at “out of network” rates or may not be covered at all. Once again, insurance benefits payable will depend on the terms of your insurance contract. Please call your insurance carrier to verify your deductible and co-payment responsibilities as well as the portion/percentage of our fees covered by your specific plan.

Further, some insurance companies require you to call them for “preauthorization/precertificat ion”of services before your first visit. Neglecting this responsibility, when required, may result in a loss or reduction of benefits. Thus, we strongly advise you to contact a representative of your insurance carrier before your first appointment. Please call our office if, after your call to your insurance company, you need additional help understanding your coverage. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

After you have verified your Mental Health/Behavioral Health benefits with your insurance provider, as a professional courtesy, we will submit your service claims directly to them. The client’s designated responsible party(ies) will be billed for and is obligated to pay any amount that insurance does not cover. Please note that is your responsibility to notify the Office Staff of any change with your insurance including but not limited to: change of insurance company, change in benefits and/or termination of an insurance plan. Finally, it is strongly recommended that, no matter what your insurance coverage, you keep written records of all contacts with your insurance company.

Cancellation Policy:
Since scheduling of an appointment involves the reservation of time specifically for you/your child, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for rescheduling or canceling an appointment. If proper notice is not given for the rescheduling or cancellation of any appointment, a fee will be charged.