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Oak Park, IL Community Mental Health Resources

Trusted Mental Health Resources from our Clinicians in Oak Park, IL


At Lodestone, we work tirelessly within our communities to ensure our clients have access to all the most useful and vital mental health resources.  Having been in the mental health and psychology field for as long as we have, we are in touch with many of the best service providers in the area.

The list compiled below represent our go-to resources in the Oak Park, IL area.  We hope it will help you and the ones you love to find additional partners in mental and emotional well-being.

(Please note that some of the resources listed below are not directly within Oak Park, IL.  However, whenever a resource in another city has been listed, it is because we believe it to be the nearest appropriate resource for that specific category. 

Also note that, while we’ve done our best to gather established, credible resources, we don’t not assume any responsibility for the actions of individuals or organizations outside of Lodestone Center.)

  1. DBT Groups Adults
    • Compass 649.0759

2500 W Bradley Place, Chicago 60618

    • Compass 306.1879

60 Revere Drive, Northbrook, IL 60062

  1. Educational Advocacy and Attorneys
    • (Matt) Wanzenberg & Associates

Glen Ellen

    • Micki Moran

The child and family law center

  1. LGBTQIAA Community Connections and Groups
    • Howard Brown Health Center – Chicago

    • Children’s Gender Development Program at Lurie Children’s Hospital

    • Center on Halstead

    • PFLAG Oak Park

Meets the FOURTH Sunday at 3:00 pm

First United Church

848 Lake St.

Oak Park, IL  60304


  1. Crisis Services
    • Linden Oaks Behavioral Health

  1. Partial Hospital Programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs
    • Compass Health Center (Child/Adolescent/Adult)

    • Center for Discovery Mood and Anxiety Program

    • Rogers Behavioral Health (especially for mood and anxiety)

  1. Evening PHP and IOP services
    • Compass Health Center (Child/Adolescent/Adult)

    • Amita Health (Adult)

  1. Adult Psychiatrists
    • Comprehensive Clinical Services (CCS), multiple locations


    • Ralph Orland at Genesis Clinical Services

  1. Child Psychiatrists
    • Comprehensive Clincial Services (CCS), multiple locations


    • Mary Lou Gutierrez

    • Linda Stull

  1. Residential Services
    • Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School – Chicago (Ages 5-21)

    • Rogers Behavioral Health (all ages)

  1. Perinatal Mood Disorders
    • Dawn Leprich-Graves, LCPC with Bricolage Wellness in Lombard

    • Jill Thompson in La Grange

    • Amita Health, Hoffman Estates

  1. Chemical Dependency Treatment
    • Rosecrance

    • Positive Sobriety Institute

    • Center for Discovery Mood and Anxiety Program(Adolescent Behavioral Issues)

    • Gateway Foundation—-treatment-centers-locations/

  1. Medicaid Therapy Services
    • Riveredge

    • Pillars Community Health

    • ABC DuPage

  1. Medicaid Psychiatric Services
    • Riveredge

    • Pillars Community Health

    • ABC DuPage

  1. Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy/Speech
    • Kids Unlimited Oak Park

  1. Pediatric Neurology
    • Joanna Blackburn

    • Kompoliti Aikaterini

    • Yadava Pediatric Neurology

    • Yadava Gaurav

  1. Psychological Testing
    • Cynthia Hays

    • Heather Gibb, Psy.D.

    • Michael Appleby

  1. Neuropsychological Services
    • Erin Hill

Sage Neuropsychology

  1. Misophonia (Audiology)
    • Megan Bradshaw

  1. Eating Disorder IOP, PHP, and Residential Treatment
    • Center for Discovery, Glenview (Adolescents)

    • Eating Recovery Center, Insight (Eating Disorder Treatment)

    • Rogers Behavioral Health

    • Linden Oaks Behavioral Health

  1. Alternative Therapies (e.g., Accupuncture)
    • The Whole Life Center

    • Whole Health Chicago

    • Life Rising

    • Eastern Healing (Specifically for Infertility)

    • Pulling Down the Moon (Specifically for Infertility)