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Cognitive & Intellectual Assessment

Testing for Intellectual Ability (IQ) and Cognitive Functioning (memory, processing ability, perceptual ability) is used in a wide range of settings. Some examples of situations requiring a thorough psychological evaluation of this type are:
Academic needs (gifted children, accommodations for learning disability)
Disability benefits (Social Security based on cognitive functioning limitations)
Assessment for use in medical settings

Personality Testing

Personality testing is frequently used to enhance treatment planning in mental health settings, and to aid in proper diagnosis of psychological / psychiatric disorders. Many disorders can look very similar, and testing can often help ensure that conditions are diagnosed properly, and the appropriate treatment is pursued (medication vs. psychotherapy).

Diagnostic Testing for Adults & Children

We frequently get requests from parents and adult clients that have been diagnosed with a condition and would like a much more detailed diagnostic assessment than they have received previously. In complex cases, it is extremely difficult to diagnose a condition based on a one-hour interview. Getting a thorough assessment will yield a complete investigation of all of the required symptoms for a particular diagnosis. Assessments include a complete one-on-one feedback session with a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and a detailed report of the findings.