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Counseling for Teens

Counseling for Teens

At the LodeStone Center, we have a number of counselors that specialize in treating adolescents in both the individual and family settings, allowing us to match your teen to the best therapist. We have also have Clinical Psychologists that can help when comprehensive diagnostic evaluations are needed. We can provide a thorough assessment and are able to provide detailed Psychological Testing to both provide diagnostic information and help guide treatment to make sure that you and your child receive the highest quality of care. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, click here, or call us directly at 847-802-4058.

What Does Therapy for Adolescents Involve?

Therapy for teens can look completely different than therapy for children or adults. They are often struggling to develop a sense of identity and independence from their parents, making them very reluctant to show vulnerability at home or take direct advice from their parents. When a therapist is able to connect with a teen and form a trusting relationship, they can act as a mediator between the family and the teen, and help them navigate the difficult bridge between adolescence and adulthood.

Some common issues we address with Teens: 

TeleHealth At Home Counseling and Psychotherapy

Telehealth, or “teletherapy” is a highly effective method of accessing care that is particularly useful for people in remote work positions, those with transportation issues or for those that live a significant distance from a provider they would like to see. Counseling is a beneficial tool for many people and telehealth provides another way to access these services. Most, if not all, modalities of therapy can be translated through telehealth making therapy just as effective as in person. Some people even find that the benefits of telehealth make it feel even more successful than in person for them, especially adolescents who live on social media and virtual communication. Telehealth comprises approximately 60% of the care delivered by The LodeStone Center and we utilize one of the easiest to access and highest quality platforms for our telehealth calls (Zoom for Healthcare). It’s easy to use, secure and available on any computer, tablet or phone. Psychotherapy, counseling and medication management are all accessible through our telehealth option, and every provider at The LodeStone Center is available through telehealth. Our registration process is entirely online, and many services are available within a few days.

How do I find out if therapy can help with my child or adolescent?

Speaking with one of our adolescent and teen counselors can give you a sense of how therapy can benefit your child. We would also be happy to help you look into your health insurance benefits, or any other concern you might have. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, click here, or call us directly at 847-802-4058.