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TherapyNotes Transition

Last Updated June 23, 2015


Hello TMS Staff and Clinicians! This page is intended to be a bulletin board of sorts for procedures and communications about the switch from PsychAdvantage to TherapyNotes. TherapyNotes is a very intuitive system, and you will most likely find it quite easy to figure out as we move along. The whole system (including your schedules and clinical note sections) will be accessible to you at any time by any laptop or tablet, from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Any Questions can be directed to Trudy (, Aubrey (, or Jeremy, Terri, or Erica.

Any Questions can be directed to Trudy (, Aubrey (, or Jeremy, Terri, or Erica.


What You Should Be Doing Now (Prior to July 13, 2015):

  • Watching the 2 TherapyNotes Tutorials as soon as possible (about 15-20 minutes total):
  • Creating a sample patient account (using a fake name such as “sample A”), and completing a sample appointment, intake, treatment plan and progress note to make sure you are relatively comfortable with the process.  Do not use one of your real patients to enter practice data, as all you enter will be stored in her/his permanent record.
  • Noting your schedule of hours open for appointments in TherapyNotes from July 13th forward (at least through August).  You will no longer be required to BLOCK off time, unless it is meant to indicate vacation or other less frequent occurrences.  Instead, you must identify the windows of time you are available to see clients (e.g., M/W/F 3-9 p.m.).  Scheduling is relatively intuitive in TherapyNotes but it’s also a new system, so do ask for help if and when needed.
  • DO NOT make real patient appointments, unless they are after July 13 (or go delete them if you have). Once the appointment time passes, TherapyNotes will put that note in your “To Do” list, prompting you to do a clinical note. You do not want to add clinical notes before July 13th, so it will be simpler if you just start adding appointments on 7/13/15. (See below for a brief 10 minute training video on Scheduling in TherapyNotes.)
  • Prompt your clients to complete the new reminder call system authorization form (printable copy below) to indicate their automated message preferences.  Submit the forms to Donna in the front office.
  • Remind your patients that after July 13th, reminders for appointments will be done through an automated system. The authorization form for this is available as a pdf below.

What To Do On July 13, 2015:

  • We will all work to populate the TherapyNotes Calendar with your clinical schedule, and begin doing progress notes in TherapyNotes on July 13th. This will provide a clean “switch date”, so we will all know which part of a patient’s record resides in the old system, and which part is in TherapyNotes.
  • Help Donna keep schedules up to date by It is recommended that you go ahead and begin populating your TherapyNotes schedule for appointments that are on July 13th or later as we approach that day. Then on the 13th, we will simply need to make sure that the calendar is complete and up to date, and we’ll all be moved over. When this was done at LodeStone Center, it was rather painless, but required a very diligent double-checking of the calendar to make sure all of the appointments match from the old system.

Useful Documents:

Authorization for Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminder Notice

Scheduling in TherapyNotes