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Why Use A Cloud Based Intake System?

How do you manage intakes? There are very few intake management systems out there specifically for mental health, and even fewer that are cloud based and follow the security guidelines for HIPAA. The benefits, however, of an intake system that is accessible from anywhere and is secure are enormous. Imagine having yourself or your fellow therapists maintain the ability to collaborate on new patients all the way through the entire process. It’s not only convenient, but it increases the follow-through rate when therapists are well informed and involved in the process. So why switch from your PDFs and clipboards? Or why use a system like this parallel to your EMR system? Here are a few advantages of a robust and secure cloud based system for managing the intakes at your practice:


Cloud-based intake management makes it easy for Office Staff to include therapists in the intake process. Once therapists are included, follow through with the patient becomes simpler and more effective. Not only can therapists view their intakes as information is collected and updated, they can also be involved in the scheduling and follow-up process. The synchronizing of information is not only collaborative, it’s also organized. Everything is one place – intakes, referrals, scheduling, insurance information, contact information and general patient notes. This organization ensures that patients are much less likely to “fall through the cracks.” The intake process is exponentially more successful.


Using a cloud-based system achieves accessibility in two ways:

The first is that cloud-based intake management systems are subsequently accessible by everyone in your practice. Front office staff, therapists and intake coordinators can all work together, through a secure, protected interface. The second is that the information is accessible from anywhere – home, work, on business trips. The information is readily available when you need it. No need to carry vulnerable information around with you and no problems when you’re away from work and need to access intake information.

A Single System

Whether the source of an intake is your website, a physician’s office, a phone call to your front office, or a therapist generated intake, they all go to the same place. Being able to ensure that no one falls through the cracks – and that all leads are followed up with – represents not only great patient care, but good business sense as well.


With cloud-based intake management, you’ll never have to worry about systems crashing and the need to constantly backup data in order to save important patient records. You’ll also be protecting information with advanced encryption. When used correctly, you’ll have the ease that comes with a system enabling better documentation and you’ll never lose information once it’s been archived.

Cloud-based systems are a smarter, more reliable and efficient way to handle intakes, ensuring great success with patient acquisition and follow through. 


Christina Bergquist,

EarlyByrd Staff Contributor

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